Serving the VT/NH and Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region

Original Artwork can be used for no additional expense!

Most artwork needs a little modification before it is ready to be used in printing.  The best rule of thumb is to find and or create the largest format artwork you can JUST TO MAKE SURE.  We can always tone down from there. 

As an example, typical website graphics are  built at 72 dots per inch (dpi) and we print at about 150 dpi.  Not so good for web graphics but fine with just a few modifications.

If you have any questions about your artwork, please contact us for suggestions and help.

Otherwise just shoot it over to us in an email and we'll figure it out.  If we have questions, we'll ask.


While we can reproduce just about anything you bring in, we really like to see artwork in a digital format.  This makes it easier to modify and resize if necessary while still maintaining the integrity of your artwork.  Our preferred programs are Photoshop and Illustrator but don't worry if you haven't created a file in either of these programs.  These programs translate and read a lot of different types of files.

TIFF, PSD, and EPS documents are common digital extensions for Photoshop.  If you don't know the format your digital artwork is in, make sure you create a data CD and bring a print copy if at all possible of your artwork.


There are a billion fonts out there.  If you have spent hours online looking for the PERFECT font for your text in your artwork, do us a favor and please share your research - send us a file of the font as well!

Multiple Colors

No problem! 

Printing with inks require one screen per color.  A single color on a shirt uses one screen.  There is a one-time setup charge of $20 for each screen needed to set-up your design.  This is a screen charge.  If there are additional colors, there will be additional screen charges.

Additional Artwork

We love to help you design your artwork but we also like to give you the opportunity to save some time and money.  Please call and inquire with any questions you may have regarding camera-ready artwork.

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